Swinging to Success

Playing golf is no easy feat. This is more obvious when one is a beginner with less-developed skills and abilities. But all professionals were beginners once. They all started out as scrawny youngsters itching to play the game (or not). But aside from rigorous training and exercise, one of the factors that brought them to success is the quality of equipment that they use.

GolfFor the world of golf, a wide array of products is readily available. From putters to iron clubs and golf shoes to golf balls, each piece of equipment must be scrutinized for superior quality to guarantee success in the course. While skill is certainly needed in wielding the weapons of the sport, choosing the right product can lead to bigger advantages in the long run.

Take for example the California-based Callaway Golf Company. The brainchild of the innovative entrepreneur Ely Callaway, this company paved the way for the creation of exquisite and top of the line golf clubs nine years after it was established in 1982.

The company started making waves when they introduced the Big Bertha driver to the golfing world in 1991. It was named after the super-heavy horowitz developed by the Germans during World War I. It was meant to evoke images of the weapon, and, indeed, the Big Bertha Callaway golf club lived up to its name.

Back when clubs were still being made out of persimmon wood, Big Bertha made a splash in the market with its stainless steel body and a head that had a volume of 190 cm3, a size that was a far cry from the clubs that were being made during that time. Since then, this particular line of Callaway golf clubs has become a by-word among enthusiasts and pro-golfers alike.

As a testament to the popularity of the brand, several lines of clubs released by the Callaway Golf Company after 1991 bore the name of Big Bertha: Great Big Bertha, Biggest Big Bertha, Great Big Bertha II, and Big Bertha 454, among others.

Today, the Callaway Golf Company is known as the largest maker of golf clubs all over the world, and it is no wonder why. With the success of their Big Bertha clubs and the other visionary products that followed, pro-golfers might as well consider the company a trusted friend. As a matter of fact, world-famous golfers such as Stuart Appleby of Australia and Cameron Beckham of the United States of America advertise their clubs.

Choosing the right club for one’s current skill and expertise should not be guided by instinct but by sound experience and advice. Players must consider their current golfing skill level, which is not only recommended but required. It is important to feel comfortable with one’s choice of equipment. It must be remembered that companies make clubs with different athletes in mind. Beginner golfers may find it hard to play using clubs made specifically for skilled players, and vice versa.

The characteristics of each club must also be considered – its center of gravity and moment of inertia, among others.

Do not fret, however, because it does not take a physicist to solve the riddle of which club to choose. In order to aid in the decision-making process, prospective players are advised to try each and every club they think suits their current skill level. That way, theoretical scenarios are not the only ones driving one’s motivation to choose a particular set of clubs. Rather, it is now guided by experience.

As with any other sport, golf is a game that must be played with skill and strategy. Merely hitting the ball is not good enough. One must strive for greatness with sufficient training and exercise. But without the right equipment, even the best golfer in the world would be rendered powerless.

Callaway golf equipment has always had a playability and power that golfers can't get enough of.

How to Effectively Use HCG in Bodybuilding

You have to know that Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is not a steroid. It is in fact used to counter the effect of steroids to the hormonal imbalance in the male’s body. But just like any other drug, HCG should be used in moderation and only as needed. Overusing it may lead to permanent damage which in this case is total testicular degeneration.

How HCG is Misused in Fitness and Bodybuilding

hcg diet dropsIn bodybuilding, HCG becomes an important aid in the post cycle therapy, or also known as the After AAS Cycle. This is the stage where bodybuilders break away from using steroids. If you are not familiar with steroids, it helps build muscles fast. That is why you probably hear comments about buff guys using steroids to have muscles. Now, prolonged use of steroids takes a toll on the testosterone level of males. This decreases the formation of LH which ultimately leads to low level of testosterone. If the testosterone production is low, there is a higher chance of infertility.

To counter this, bodybuilders rest for a period of time and use it to return to their normal testosterone level. HCG is injected into the bloodstream to help in the production of testosterone. The problem is: constant use of steroids can lead to diminished testicular sensitivity, thus requiring a higher dosage of HCG. If one continually does this, at some point, even a higher dose of HCG won’t fix the damage. This steroid- HCG cycle could lead to complete infertility.

Proper Way of Using HCG

The trick to efficiently using HCG is to simultaneous use it with steroids during longer and heavier cycles. Taking HCG after the steroid cycle is actually far more detrimental than helpful because it is harder to rectify the damage in the post steroid cycle. There is also no room for full recovery.

• Dosage.

Knowing the right dosage is important when using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin during the steroid cycle. The common mistake is using 2500-5000iu twice a week when in fact it only takes 250iu for the testosterone level to increase. A dosage of 250is will suffice for a normal male adult. If you are treated for hypogonadism, however, it will take a higher dosage.

It is essential not to take a higher dosage of HCG. Instead, focus on supplying the body with just the right enough HCG whenever steroid is used. For instance, one can either take a shot 250iu twice a week or 500iu once a week. Nevertheless, stick to the rule: low dosage, high frequency.

• Administration.

The only effective way to introduce HCG into the body is through injection, either through the skin or the muscles. Pregnyl, a generic name for synthetic HCG, comes in powder form. It is mixed with water and then refrigerated for days.

Sample Usage of HCG

Once steroid is introduced in the system, you have to instantly remedy the possible reduced sensitivity of the testicles. You can do so by injecting 100iu for 7 consecutive days after steroid usage. After the first cycle, lower the frequency from 7 days to only 2 days. Recovery will only start when you are not using HCG. This is when HCG starts stimulating the LH to enhance the production of testosterone in the body.

Keep in mind that although HCG is not a terrible substance, its usage is banned from athletic and bodybuilding competitions. This is because the presence of HCG only indicates that the person has been using steroids which are illegal in competitions like Olympics. For bodybuilders, this is considered important mainly because they want to maintain the muscles they build but at the same time sustain their normal testicular function.

Do yourself a favor and use HCG the proper way.

Attach This – Choosing the Right Attachments for ID Lanyards

When ordering ID lanyards from suppliers, most schools and companies focus more on the design and materials used for the actual lanyard and not much with the attachment that comes with it. Sure, those hooks, rings and clips may seem too similar to each other to care what type of attachment comes with the lanyard. They all keep the IDs and badge holders in place, right? However, each attachment type brings something different to the table. Here are just some examples:

•  Cell Phone Loop:

This attachment does not usually come standard with ID lanyards when ordered, but it is a great “add-on” to the clips, rings and hooks that they come with. They’re made of plastic with a nylon loop at the end so that users can attach their mobile phones, USB thumb drives, keys and other stuff they may want to keep handy at all times. They also snap on and off for maximum portability.

•  Hooks and Carabiners:

ID lanyardsIt is not uncommon to find lanyards with J-hook or carabiner attachment. They are popular because they are versatile. They keep the ID cards and badge holders secure, yet the locking mechanism of these attachments allows for easy removal of the ID badges from the lanyard. These hooks, more often than not, are made of metal, so there is no question about their sturdiness. Some J-hooks, however, are made of plastic and are perfect for holding nametags and other types of IDs made of lightweight materials such as laminated plastic.

•  Key Ring:

This type of attachment usually comes as one of the free options customers get when they order ID lanyards from suppliers. Just like the hook and carabiner attachment, they are versatile and can hold just about anything one would normally attach to a lanyard. They are also great as secondary attachments. For example, the J-hook attachment can hold the ID badge while an additional key ring is useful in holding keys and other important things the user needs to keep handy at work or at school.

•  Badge Reels:

Today’s security conscious society demands a lot of swiping of ID badges on a security apparatus before entering company or school premises. This would sometimes require people to either remove the lanyard from their necks, or bend over farther that one normally would just be able to swipe their ID badges.

Badge reels stretch out just far enough for one to swipe their badges and they return to place in a matter of seconds. Another great thing about badge reel attachments is that one can customize them in such a way that they bear the company or school name or logo to match with the lanyard it is attached to.

•  Customized Attachments:

A great lanyard supplier would have plenty of options for its customers, and they can customize attachments as well. It could be a detachable buckle at the end of the lanyard or an attachment that could hold drink bottles. It could also be a combination of two or more attachments in just one lanyard. To achieve this, one must be able to communicate well with the supplier so that they understand what the customer wants and deliver it just the way he wants them.

ID lanyards are more than just an accessory that holds ID badges and name tags. They are also convenient ways to carry stuff around, so do not take the attachments for granted. With the right attachment, one does not have to carry around keys or cell phones in their pockets anymore. They can just hook it up to one of the many lanyard attachments available.


School and Companies focus on the design and materials of ID lanyards also the attachment that comes with it.